Episode 12: Interview with Attorney Eliana Baer

In this episode, you’ll hear a really fascinating interview with the one and only Eliana Baer, a frum female divorce lawyer based in New Jersey - a notably the first...

Episode 11 #NGL: The Mikva Strike and The Confusion of FlatbushGirl's supporters

In this episode, Nathan talks about the Mikva Strike and the worldview of FlatbushGirl and her supporters.

Episode 10: #NGL Resuming Season 2

We’ve been on hiatus as our attention was turned toward the situation in Israel and for Jews around the world. Thank God, the situation has somewhat stabilized, and we are...

Episode 9: Prof. Ben Hine

In this episode we go to the United Kingdom, to speak to Dr. Ben Hine, a professor of applied psychology, a researcher and author who has extensive experience in the...

Episode 8: #NGL FlatbushGirl

In this innagural episode of our #NGL / Nathan Gettisberg Live segment, I discuss FlatbushGirl’s recent campaigning and podcast appearance on “Mislaibeled”.

Episode 7: Josh's Story

In this episode I interview Josh.