Episode 12: Interview with Attorney Eliana Baer

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Episode 12: Interview with Attorney Eliana Baer

In this episode, you’ll hear a really fascinating interview with the one and only Eliana Baer, a frum female divorce lawyer based in New Jersey - a notably the first female guest on this podcast.

We speak about men’s issues when it comes to divorce, including the interplay with religious considerations. We speak about what’s killing frum marriages: lack of education, in-laws, religiosity, materialism and other things. We talk about how to achieve an amicable divorce (do not go to court unless you have to!), some interesting legal cases and even legal issues to consider before getting married.

Important Spoiler Alert for fathers: Eliana highly recommends that you, NEVER leave your marital residence or the children until litigation is settled, and DO NOT finalize the divorce with a Gett until everything is settled.

Just an editorial note: I recorded this episode before a couple of recent New Jersey appellate court rulings came out that have big implications for religious divorce cases so I definitely hope to have Eliana back on to talk about those.

Links & Resources mentioned in the show:

Dovid Bashevkin 18Forty Episode about couples with different religious views: https://18forty.org/podcast/aliza-and-ephraim-bulow-when-a-spouse-loses-faith/

How to reach Eliana: Email: etbaer@foxrothschild.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eliana-baer-4188551/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elianatbaeresq/ Blog: https://www.foxrothschild.com/eliana-baer/nj-family-law-blog




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