Episode 14: Does James Sexton think Parental Alienation Exists?

In this #NGL episode, I clip a portion of popular divorce lawyer James Sexton’s conversation with popular podcaster, Lex Fridman. In the frum world we have seen an uptick in...

Episode 13: Interview with Dovid Feldman

Dovid Feldman is a licensed marriage therapist and the creator behind the Recreating Intimacy program.

Episode 12: Interview with Attorney Eliana Baer

In this episode, you’ll hear a really fascinating interview with the one and only Eliana Baer, a frum female divorce lawyer based in New Jersey - a notably the first...

Episode 11 #NGL: The Mikva Strike and The Confusion of FlatbushGirl's supporters

In this episode, Nathan talks about the Mikva Strike and the worldview of FlatbushGirl and her supporters.

Episode 10: #NGL Resuming Season 2

We’ve been on hiatus as our attention was turned toward the situation in Israel and for Jews around the world. Thank God, the situation has somewhat stabilized, and we are...

Episode 9: Prof. Ben Hine

In this episode we go to the United Kingdom, to speak to Dr. Ben Hine, a professor of applied psychology, a researcher and author who has extensive experience in the...

Episode 8: #NGL FlatbushGirl

In this innagural episode of our #NGL / Nathan Gettisberg Live segment, I discuss FlatbushGirl’s recent campaigning and podcast appearance on “Mislaibeled”.

Episode 7: Josh's Story

In this episode I interview Josh.

Season 2 Launch

We are really excited to be launching Season 2, which we plan to run from now until July 2024, and feature 1-2 high quality interviews per month, along with additional...

Episode 5: Ronen's Story

In this episode I interview Ronen.

Episode 4: Aaron's Story

In this episode I interview Aaron.

Episode 2: Yaakov's Story

In this episode I interview Yaakov.

Episode 1: Joe's Story

In this episode, I speak to Joe, who shares his personal experiences dealing with life’s difficult twists, marrying a divorcee with children, suffering through a horrific divorce, being alienated from...

Episode 2: Betzalel Rothstein's Story

In this episode, I speak to Betzalel Rothstein, a popular family mediator dealing with divorces and other domestic situations. In addition to it being part of his career, he also...

Introducing Let's Gett Serious

I’m really pleased to present to you the introductory episode of the Let’s Gett Serious Podcast.